Adventure Chronicles The Search for Lost Treasure

Adventure Chronicles The Search for Lost Treasure

Adventure Chronicles: The search for Lost Treasure is developed by Gogii Games
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Gogii Games

Adventure Chronicles: The Search for Lost treasure is an adventure game developed by Gogii Games and published by BigFish Games.
Your character in this game is Susan, an archaeologist who travels around the world looking for treasures. She received a notebook with a lot of clues about a very interesting treasure and she is going to do everything to find it. You will realize that she has no qualms, if she likes some piece of art or anything: she will then steal it from anywhere. It's a pity, because any archaeologist who really loves his job will do such thing.

You will have to find some hidden objects, some of them are very well hidden.
Another thing that you will find are puzzles that you must solve to move to a next level or to have more clues. You will be able to travel to five regions and you will find 30 challenging levels in this game.

Graphics and sound.
The graphics are excellent. The scenarios are incredible. The sound effects are very good and the soundtrack is nice. To sum up, If you like adventures this is your game!.

María Noel Balla
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